We are looking for women ages 18+ reflect the real women of the North East. To apply please follow the link below. We will ask for a full length and head shot photo alongside your application.


  • Contestants CAN be married, have been married and may have a child/children.
  • Must be aged between 18+ years on the date of the national final.
  • There must be nothing in the contestant’s background that could bring the Miss Great Britain contest or its sponsors into disrepute.
  • Contestants must not have posed topless or nude for photographs. This will be checked by organisers.
  • The contestant must live in the UK and hold a full, valid British passport.
  • Contestants may compete in another national final in the same year; however, contestants may not hold a recognised national or international title at the time of the grand final.
  • Once crowned as a Miss Great Britain regional winner/Miss Great Britain finalist, the applicant must commit to the Miss Great Britain national final and will not be permitted to compete in any other pageant until after the Miss Great Britain final has taken place.


To be a successful applicant for the final you must follow the rules for the competition. If you have any questions or queries please contact us.

MISS NORTH EAST GB 2019/20 – MISS DURHAM TEES 2019/20. (INCORPORATING MISS GREAT BRITAIN) and licensed to Headline Models Ltd and organised by DC Couture.


Qualifications for eligibility are that each contestant:

Shall not be less than 18 years of age, but there is no age limit..  If she is 17 years old at the time of Miss North East she may still enter the Miss North East final as either a: Miss Durham Tees GB finalist providing she is 18 years old by August 2019.

Shall not have participated in a National Contest conducted by another organisation within and on the soil of the mainland of her National Area (unless special permission has been given in writing by the Promoter due to extenuating circumstances) within 12 months prior to the holding of the Miss Great Britain Contest.

Shall be a British citizen and reside in the North East of England.

Shall have won or been elected as a winner of her Area Heat Contest elected specifically to participate in the appropriate Miss Great Britain Contest or be first runner-up if the winner is prevented by reasons beyond her control from participating (subject to the right as the Promoter to waive or amend the requirement if in its absolute discretion nominated persons are unable unfit or otherwise unqualified to participate in The Miss Great Britain contest and subject to the right of the Promoter to reject without giving any reason any application by a contestant to enter the Miss Great Britain Contest)

Shall be of good character and possessed of charm, poise, personality and have beauty offace and figure and not have posed nude or topless.

Shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring in to disrepute the Miss Great Britain Contest or affiliated Charities by doing any work related activities that could be seen to be bring the Miss Great Britain Contest into Disrepute.

Shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring in to disrepute the Miss Great Britain Contest or Title or the Licensee or the Promoter or any person associated with them and not have a criminal record. I understand that this may result in the title being taken away.

 Has never taken part in any Contest for qualification to represent another country.

Who has never previously won The Miss Great Britain Contest.

Who has never posed nude or topless.

Will have secured sponsorship from a third party to the value of £350 no later than four calendar weeks prior to the final. It is understood that failure to achieve this condition could result in entrants losing their place in the Final.

You agree that you must raise money for our chosen charities should you be selected as a finalist. Help will be provided by our chosen charities

It is required that the winner of Miss Durham Tees GB  will signed exclusively to Headline Models Ltd for the year she holds the title of Miss Durham Tees 2019. Should the contestant be signed up to another agency, the contestant must terminate their contract with their previous agency upon winning one of the titles within Miss North East GB. The winner will also be available for any press / media charity engagements as and when available.

Miss Great Britain Masterclass will be hosting a finalists training day and it is compulsory should you win the title you are applying for you must attend. 

Should you win the title you apply for, you must be available for The Miss Great Britain Final which will take place in 2020.

Should you win a title at Miss North East GB your place at Miss Great Britain final is secure and you will not need to find another sponsor. Your place includes food and accommodation for the two days in Leicester (excluding travel)

Should you win the title you apply for, you agree that you will not enter another pageant during the year you hold the Miss title.

SAVE THAT the Promoter in its absolute discretion may waive or amend any of these conditions (if in his/her opinion such waiver or amendment is conducive to the successful running of the Contest) & I hereby give permission for the use of my name and face to promote the competition where required in the press and media.

I have read, understood and agree to the rules and conditions of the Miss North East GB contest. I understand that if I accept the rules I must agree to all the rules and conditions applicable and are subject to change.